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Panasonic E-bike Battery 26V 18Ah
  • Prod.no.: 22048-02
Panasonic E-bike Battery 25.2V 23.2Ah
  • Prod.no.: 24638-03
Refurbished Gazelle Impulse Silver 36V 8.6Ah
  • Prod.no.: 998402700
Refurbished Gazelle Impulse Gold 36V 11.4Ah
  • Prod.no.: 998402600
Refurbished Gazelle Impulse Platinum 36V 13.4Ah
  • Prod.no.: 998402500
Refurbished Impulse bicycle battery 36V 15Ah
  • Prod.no.: P0946879
Refurbished Gazelle Innergy Silver E-bike Battery 36V 9Ah
  • Prod.no.: 998002303
Refurbished Gazelle Innergy Gold E-bike battery 36V 10.75Ah
  • Prod.no.: 998002304
Gazelle Innergy Acculader E-bike 48V 2A
  • Prod.no.: 998002100
Refurbished Impulse E-bike battery 36V 17.25Ah
  • Prod.no.: 36174-01
Acculader E-bike 42V 4A Rosenberger
  • Prod.no.: 170714001
DerbyCycle Charging Station for E-Bike
  • Prod.no.: P1025080
DerbyCycle Battery Charger E-bike 42V 3A
  • Prod.no.: 28495
Battery charger Set Panasonic 26V
  • Prod.no.: P1026857

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As the official partner of BMZ Drive Systems, Twindis supports all e-bike retailers in the Benelux. This means that we only offer parts and accessories from BMZ Drive Systems and we are your direct point of contact.